Landscaping Newcastle

Trust our landscape gardeners to meticulously maintain your gardens. We know the bond that gardeners have with their plants. And we want to foster that relationship and help your plants to grow robust and beautiful.

Our team is knowledgeable about the pests that are problematic and are equipped with the tools to deal with them. If you purchase a broad-spectrum insecticide off the shelves, it may work on hundreds of different insects but not the kinds that are native to this region.

Our exclusive knowledge of the terrain and the materials to bring out the best in your garden make us the elite choice in garden maintenance. Trust us to take your bulbs or saplings to mature and lush examples of what each plant should be.

We measure the pH of the soil, check the nutritional content of the soil, and ensure that your irrigation systems are saturating deep enough to encourage strong root growth. We are also wary of diseases that affect grass, plants, and trees. Let us diagnose any problems that you perceive or carry out a general inspection to assess the health of your flora.

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